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Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, is a vibrant city in Kerala, famous for its culture and history. Situated on the picturesque Malabar Coast, it combines natural beauty, impressive architecture, and a bustling city atmosphere.

As an important trading port in the past, Kozhikode connected India with traders worldwide. Today, you can still see the remnants of this history with landmarks like Kozhikode Beach, Kappad Beach, and the ancient port of Beypore. Kozhikode Beach, one of the city’s main attractions is a picturesque stretch of golden sand along the Arabian Sea. Visitors can take leisurely walks by the shore, indulge in water sports, or simply relax and soak in the sun. The beach is also known for its beautiful sunset views, making it a popular spot for evening strolls and photography. 

The city is also home to museums like the Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery, which display artifacts showcasing the region’s past. Nature lovers can find solace in the serene Kozhikode Backwaters.

Kozhikode is renowned for its delicious Malabar cuisine. Food enthusiasts will find themselves in culinary heaven, from biryanis to seafood and unique snacks like banana chips. Don’t forget to explore the lively streets of Kozhikode for a delightful food experience. With esteemed educational institutions like IIM Kozhikode and the University of Calicut, the city has become a hub for learning and healthcare.

From beautiful beaches to historical sites and mouthwatering food, Kozhikode offers a captivating experience. Its warm and inviting culture, coupled with its ancient traditions, make it a destination worth visiting for a taste of Kerala’s heritage.


Tourist Attractions

  • Kozhikode Beach
  • Kappad Beach
  • Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery
  • Beypore
  • Thusharagiri
  • Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Vagamon: How to Reach

By Air: Calicut International Airport, located about 28 kilometers from the city center. 

By Train: Kozhikode has a well-connected railway station, and you can reach the city by train from various parts of India. The station is known as Kozhikode Railway Station or Calicut Railway Station.

By Road: Kozhikode is well-connected by road, and you can reach the city by bus or taxi. National Highway 66 passes through Kozhikode, linking it to major cities in Kerala and other states.