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Kerala is a place of immense beauty, among which are beautiful backwaters and graceful palm trees that line up together in peaceful landscapes. The misty hill stations are a cool getaway, whereas golden beaches with palm trees encourage a refreshing vacation. In this 7 days Kerala trip, you will see the many sides of Kerala. From the peaceful beaches of Varkala to the harbour town of Kochi. Start your journey with the city of Kochi, which is a unique blend of

Kerala is known for its rich greenery and serene landscapes. Kerala offers dense forests and adventurous trekking trails for nature and adventure lovers. Kerala’s forest trekking places promise a marvellous experience for visitors. Explore the trekking spots in Anamudi, Meesapulimala, Rajamalai, etc to explore an adventurous walk into the heart of Kerala's wilderness. In this blog, we'll delve into some of the top forest trekking places in Kerala, each offering a unique blend of biodiversity, tranquillity, and adventure, along

Vagamon is located in the Western Ghats 25 kilometres east of Erattupetta on the border of Kottayam-Idukki districts. It is famous for its natural beauty. The three beautiful hills Thangal, Murugan and Kurismala make Vagamon famous as one of the must visit hill stations in Kerala. Monsoon destinations in India include Kodaikanal, Coorg, Wayanad, Munnar etc. The Vagamon offers a unique and exceptional environment different from other monsoon destinations in India. The temperatures during the monsoon season range between approximately

Welcome to Kerala Beach Tourism, a magical land where golden sands and blue waters meet under the shadow of swaying palm trees. Kerala, which is hidden away along the beautiful Arabian Sea coast, is home to an amazing variety of beaches, each with its own distinct personality and appeal. All of Kerala’s beaches, from the busy Kovalam coastline to the serene retreats of Varkala and the wild beauty of Bekal, provide a fun getaway for sun worshippers, thrill seekers, and

What makes Wayanad famous? Wayanad, situated in Kerala’s southern state, is a hidden paradise for nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. Its lush green landscapes, misty mountains, and tranquil waterfalls make this destination famous for its picturesque beauty. Travelers have the opportunity to discover the diverse wildlife of the area through forest treks and wildlife safaris in national parks. The area is rich in culture and history, featuring ancient temples and tribal villages waiting to be explored. Wayanad has something to offer every

Kerala, known for its peaceful backwaters and beautiful green scenery, also boasts captivating hill stations. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, these hill stations provide a cool retreat from the hot plains. Mist-covered peaks, cascading waterfalls, and sprawling tea plantations make the hill stations in Kerala a paradise for nature lovers. Munnar, known as the most popular hill station, captivates visitors with its stunning views and fragrant tea gardens. In contrast, Wayanad is fascinating with its unspoiled allure and animal sanctuaries.

Experience the beauty of Munnar, Kerala Munnar, is one of India’s most popular tourist spot in Kerala, known for its beautiful hill stations and stunning landscapes. Explore the breathtaking beauty of Munnar where nature’s art comes to life. Munnar, located in the Western Ghats, is a beautiful blend of tea gardens, misty peaks, and waterfalls. The fragrance of tea leaves fills the air, accompanied by breathtaking views all around. Munnar offers a peaceful haven with its cool climate and captivating charm. Experience

Kayaking, an adventurous water sport, has become popular as a recreational activity involving paddling a small watercraft called a kayak. Kayaking has become an exciting pursuit in Kerala, a state with a beautiful network of backwaters, rivers, and serene lakes. Kerala offers kayaking enthusiasts a vast scope to explore the region's stunning natural beauty and navigate tranquil waterways. Kerala's varied landscapes, such as Alleppey's backwaters, Periyar River, and Munnar's lakes, are perfect for kayaking. Kerala is an enticing destination for

Kayaking in Kerala provides an exciting and immersive way to explore this incredible region, unveiling hidden gems Kerala tourism allows kayaking you to discover Kerala's backwaters' captivating beauty like never before. Kerala, a state in southwest India, is well-known for its tranquil rivers, verdant surroundings, and distinctive ecosystems. Discover the Essence of KayakingKayaking In Kerala Back WatersKayaking Routes and Destinations in KeralaBest Time to Kayak in Kerala: Timing is EverythingSafety First: Tips for a Secure Kayaking ExperienceThe Future of Kayaking Tourism in

Why Visiting Kerala: An Introduction Kerala, the southernmost state of India, is a land of lush greenery, backwaters, hill stations, and beaches. It is also a state with a rich cultural heritage and a diverse cuisine. The monsoon season in Kerala transforms the state into a verdant paradise, with waterfalls cascading down hillsides and rivers overflowing their banks. It is also a time when the state's cultural festivals come alive. The Backwaters The backwaters of Kerala are a network of interconnected canals, lakes,